Rene Robichaud's purpose is to increase the demand for local, Atlantic organic, kelp  and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure a better environment and healthy consumers.  His interest in this field started six years ago as a vendor at the Dartmouth's Farmer's Market.  Then, he created a unique Ginger Drink made with organic cider, local and Canadian ginger root and local products. This product was well received since it helps the digestion system and can also be used in cooking. He also sold organic oils, chocolate and now he is concentrating on Pure biodegradable scent free cleaning products and laundry soap.

His interest for NS kelp began when he saw the benefits of using  kelp liquid to detox his body and increase his energy from iodine and minerals in kelp. Since then he has worked with partners to develop products made with kelp including cosmetics, topical, interior and outdoor kelp products for plants, gardens, lawn and trees . You can find him at the Dartmouth Farmer's Market .