Our Team is comprised of one the first person interested in the benefits of kelp in Nova Scotia  and became an expert in the field ,  a sales and marketing expert devoted to natural products, and independent business persons in Canada.

Our expert started by developing kelp agriculture products which were used by farmers on their crops .   He also received requests to produce the base liquid kelp that is now being used by many clients.   Recently,  he joined with an other partner to develop agricultural products such as kelp spray for indoor plants,  kelp liquid for the bath,  a kelp drink, hair and shampoo.  All these products are made in Nova Scotia with the best kelp that contains 12-20% of potassium. 

After a successful launch of the new kelp products, the team is focusing on producing kelp products for outdoor plants, flowers , lawn,  trees and garden .  For further information, please contact renerobichaud@eastlink.ca.